ICT : a remarkable acceleration

Driven by mobile phones and information and communication technologies, the digital revolution is shaking up Africa. By 2020, 20 % of the African population were connected to the internet, compared to only 10 % in 2010. Africa is now the continent with one of the highest rates of mobile use. Agriculture, trade, services, industry, health, education... all sectors of activity are concerned by the spread of ICT use, which constitutes a development opportunity for the continent.

To reinforce its leadership in terms of digital banking both in Morocco and in Africa, BANK OF AFRICA has embarked on a digital transformation program based on blockchain, fintech cooperation, artificial intelligence, and mobile payments, to name a few. This strong commitment to the multi-channel approach is reflected both in redesigned organizational processes and in an innovative product and service offering, adapted to new customer expectations.

BANK OF AFRICA won the award for "Digital Innovation in the Banking Sector" in the category "Maturity of Digital Innovation Initiatives". The bank was also awarded the Bronze Award in the category "Best Integral Phygital Campaign" for the Connected Bank campaign, as part of the 2nd edition of the Moroccan Digital Awards 2018 rewarding the most innovative brands in the digital field in Morocco.