Morocco, at the forefront of south-south cooperation

Africa is now a strategic priority on the Moroccan agenda, as highlighted by the many outreach initiatives aimed at African countries in various fields and the successive visits made by His Majesty The King Mohammed VI.

As a point of contact between the African Union and the European Union, Morocco plays an important role in addressing several issues. The Kingdom has become a key player in the economic integration of the African continent, but also a major player in Africa owing to the increase in the volume of its investments in several African countries and the significant growth in the volume of its exports to the countries of the continent in recent years.

As a pioneer in expanding throughout Africa, BANK OF AFRICA continues to be one of the strong links in the south-south cooperation and co-development strategy initiated by His Majesty The King Mohammed VI through its participation in the royal visits. Within this framework, the Bank has signed several partnership agreements with African institutions, to further strengthen Morocco’s key position in the development of the continent.