In-migration, an opportunity for Africa

80 %* of the continent’s residents who leave their country do so to move to another African country. Contrary to popular belief, the majority of migrants therefore do not leave Africa, but simply migrate from one African country to another. If well managed, such intra-African migration can contribute to growth and the structural transformation of economies.

Migration contributes to the development of receiving countries, where migrants spend 80 % of their income through consumption and taxes. Trade between the countries connected by migration is also stimulated, for example through the import of food from the sending countries. 

BANK OF AFRICA bases its success on strong values of openness, proximity and excellence. Thus, the principles of social responsibility, such as equal opportunity and non-discrimination, are among the priorities of the Bank’s HR policy, which fosters and encourages diversity through the recruitment of executives of different African nationalities in various management positions and the encouragement of continental mobility among its employees to stimulate career development and ensure rewarding and enriching career paths.